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About Us

"The AACC Difference"

All American Container Corporation has served Southeast Michigan since 1980. Our goal is to set an industry standard that allows us to create a fully versatile packaging solution for everyone. The ability to create and cater to custom lumber dimensions and quick lead times allows AACC to service our customers better and faster than our competitors. We stock a full range of Pallets, Pallet Boxes, Moving Supplies, Cannabis Packaging, and much more.

AACC currently occupies a 54,000 square foot building conveniently located in Macomb, Michigan, just one mile from I-94.

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Our Story

Founded in 1980, All American Container Corporation was created by Dale Cartwright Sr. His goal was to create a new standard in the packaging industry for customer service while maintaining the highest quality and fastest delivery. Sitting at a bar, he drew the concept for our original logo on a napkin, and AACC was born. 


AACC’s original building was located in Detroit. Throughout the 80s and Mid-90s AACC was growing and running very successfully. Then disaster struck, in 1996 AACC suffered a devastating building fire. Dale’s first response to the crisis was to ensure we did not let customers down, because of this we persevered through this difficult time. We moved into a temporary facility and worked tirelessly to get AACC back on track.


After a few years at our temporary facility, our brand new 54,000 SqFt facility was completed in 2000. We moved full operations  over to the new facility that same year. In this facility AACC really found its roots in the industry. We began to grow and establish our niches in the packaging industry. We were able to achieve unsurpassed lead times and customizations. 


During our new facility’s completion, Dale was dealt another devastating blow. He was diagnosed with cancer. He had to manage his desire to prioritize AACC with his health. Which is challenging for any business owner. However, during this time, family and dedicated employees kept AACC moving forward in his absence. After undergoing a life altering surgery to remove the cancer, he consequently became speech impaired. This created challenges when it came to running a business, but that never slowed him down. He got creative in the way he communicated in a time before text messaging. True to his never quit attitude, he managed with little to no issues. 


Dale was nothing if not a fighter, he was back at AACC the second he was able. Fortunately, his fight was dormant for the next several years. During that time AACC continued to grow and strive to be great.  Dale Cartwright Jr, became more active in the company during this time and began servicing AACC equipment with his own mechanic service company. Dale Jr’s ability to problem solve and fix anything is why he’s a valuable asset to have. 


In 2008, Dale Sr experienced another bout with Cancer and successfully beat it again. However, there were more consequential disabilities from the surgery required to beat it. Dale once again relied on family and staff to hold down the fort until he was able to fully come back. 


In 2009, Dale brought on Amber Laatz to assist with management of AACC, she was brought on to help make some necessary changes during the economic recession the country was facing. With a fresh outlook she was able to get right into the swing of things. She became General Manager within 6 months of being brought on. 


While AACC was increasing steadily throughout the next few years, in 2015 Dale Sr was diagnosed with cancer once again. Amber and Dale were working side by side during this time. By the end of 2015 Dale Sr realized he needed to step away from the business to focus on getting better. At this point in time we decided to bring Dale Cartwright Jr on full time to help manage our facility and equipment. 


As a team Dale Jr and Amber continued to push AACC forward and while the business continued to grow. In 2016, Dale Sr, decided to retire from the company and with that Dale Jr and Amber became partners in the business. Dale Sr, sadly passed away in October of 2016 from complications of his cancer.


After Dale Sr’s passing, Dale Jr and Amber continued by bringing on another partner, Allison Heitz. She is a direct reason AACC has grown and has become the best version of our company in the past few years. Allie started with AACC in 2011 as a Customer Service Representative and through her hard work and dedication became General Manager in 2017. In 2018 she was vested into AACC, and became the Chief Operating Officer. 


As a team, Dale Jr, Amber & Allie, will continue to move AACC forward with a fresh perspective, dedication to our customers and employees, and the drive to succeed. 

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